Using Recital Videos As A Fundraiser For Your Studio

Using Recital Videos As A Fundraiser For Your Studio.png

Dance studio owners, if you're looking to give your dancers the best experience without having to ask parents to pay more, an annual fundraiser can help! One of the easiest ways to incorporate it into your regular fees (so it doesn't feel like a typical fundraiser) is to use the sale of your annual recital video. Here are our top 3 tips:

1. Make Sure Your Dance Recital Is Professionally Recorded

A tremendous amount of work, planning, and practice goes into creating a dance recital, and you want your recital video to be something parents want to watch again and again. So, don’t let just anyone record it! It’s worth mentioning that proud parents are willing to pay more for professionally recorded dance recital video – and that’s important.

2. Plan Ahead

If you’re like most dance studio owners, you put months and months of work into making sure your annual dance recital is a hit. Make sure to have a plan for recital video sales along the way to not only sell more but generate more money for your studio.

By working with a reputable dance videographer, you can promote your dance recitals as something parents will actually want to buy. Make sure you highlight those benefits in your promotional materials, including:

  • If the recital is recorded in multiple angles

  • If a close-up camera can be used to capture individual dancers

  • If lighting/sound can be edited for the best results

  • If transitions or technology issues can be edited out

Need help choosing a professional dance videographer? Click here for tips!

3. Promote Recital VIDEO Sales Early & Often

If you use email or text messages to communicate with parents, make sure you keep them in the know of how and when to pre-order videos before your big event. Using an online sign-up form can make the process easier and keep you organized. If you've never created an online form or survey before, Google has free options available!


Key Takeaway

Before you start planning your annual recital, make sure you have a plan to incorporate the sale of videos to parents and family members! Whether you choose to use the sale of recital videos as a fundraiser or not, giving dancers the ability to relive and cherish this moment they have worked so hard for is priceless!