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Dance & Showcase Video Services

You worked hard to stage the perfect show. We’ll make sure you have the perfect video.

SharpShooters Video offers videography and event recording services for dance recitals and showcases of any size. Our mission is to make your show look & sound as good as possible. Groups like yours - large & small - have been trusting us with more shows than any other video production company in Texas.


We Make It Easy

Our videography and recording services extend far beyond the final curtain. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

·         You choose the shooting style, number of cameras at the event, price point and more

·         We only use high-definition cameras and equipment

·         All events are edited to correct minor (and even major) mistakes

·         Orders are shipped within 3-6 weeks after the show, in most cases

·         We can collect video orders for you and even ship directly to customers

What does your last dance recital video say about your studio? 

Is the video quality sloppy & amateur, or professionally polished? Do your dancers & friends think the video is hardly worth watching, or hard to STOP watching?

A bad dance recital video can reflect poorly in the eyes of parents who purchased it and reduce future video sales. Work with us for your next event and experience the difference.


Let’s Talk About Scheduling Your Next Show

Get a quote for your next dance recital or show in just three steps.

1.       Give us a call at 512.436.8469 or fill out our online form

2.       Provide us some details about your event including location and number of participants

3.       Get a quote sent in less than 24-hours

Read What Others Are Saying About Working With SharpShooters Video

We LOVE when we hear SharpShooters Video is going to be the videographer for a show at our facility.
— Betty Jo, Round Rock ISD Performing Arts Center, Facility Director