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Here at SharpShooters Video, we're making an exciting upgrade.... Customers have been asking for it, and now it's here! After 15 years of disc delivery, we're shifting our focus toward all-DIGITAL.

 When we started our company years ago, VHS was still mainstream, if you can imagine that. But we knew we could give people something better. So, when our brand-new production company debuted by offering your event video on DVD, that was cutting edge! Then we upgraded & started offering Blu-ray discs as soon as that became the sharper format. But even Blu-ray now has its limitations. While thousands of customers are still purchasing the events we shoot on DVD and Blu-ray discs, "going digital" and all that comes with it will allow us to better target what has always been our primary aim: "To provide better, faster, SHARPer video services to as many people as possible." And we LOVE our mission!

What Do I Get?

what Do I get with digital?

Every digital package now includes this bundle of services:

  • Online video download of your entire event for EVERY participant

  • Online video preview within days - not weeks - after your event

  • Online video stream of your event, when possible

  • Online video clips available to use for your website & marketing

What is a Video Download?

A digital video download is the full, professionally edited video of your event. Every participant in your group will now be able to privately view the video on-demand and also download it as a keepsake directly to their computer, if they choose. The quality of the digital video download is the same high-definition quality as the original recording. This is better than DVD, where the original recording has to be compressed - i.e., degraded - to fit onto disc. Plus, the digital video download can be played in almost every media system, which is an upgrade from Blu-ray discs that are only playable in compatible BD-R Blu-ray players.

What is a Video Preview?

Have the need for speed?? A digital video preview is like a live webcast... after the fact. Our video crew will be mixing your event live on-site. They'll make the full show mix available for your participants to view as quickly as possible afterwards. Of course, being "live" means the footage won't be as polished as the finished edit will be. There will be no graphics or song titles, and the audio will be au naturel. In short, the preview will be missing all the benefits our post-production team layers on to make the final version look and sound oh-so-good. But... everyone knows quality takes time... and those who are too anxious to wait will now get the preview to watch in the meantime!

What Do I Need to Know about Streaming My Event?

Our crew will set-up a live webcast of your event, when possible. This means anyone you give the private webcast link to can view your event live on a computer or from their mobile phone. Moms helping backstage can peek in on the show's progress... and Grandmas, uncles & cousins from across the country can feel like they're right there in the front row. (Please note, some venues are not conducive to live webcasts, due to internet strength and other limitations. We will discuss your specific venue at the time of your booking. )  

What Are Online Video Clips?

An online video clip is a short, edited video file from your event - like one dance or part of a scene - that you'd like to use on your website or for other marketing purposes. Many of our clients are already paying extra to have us create these clips for them, so our editors decided to throw in up to 5 FREE video clips per show for all digital package clients.

How Is It Delivered?

how is my digital video delivered? 

No more hanging around the mailbox hoping your disc doesn't melt in the ruthless Texas heat! Now you'll be hanging around your inbox, looking for your exclusive private link.  All event participants will be emailed a link to view your digital video preview shortly after the event. The digital preview will be replaced by the final, fully edited video as soon as it's ready.  Your participants can watch the video online as many times as they want. They can also download the final video directly to their computer to save for posterity. Because even in this mobile, on-demand, Netflix age, we know you still wanna OWN your own memories. 


We've put a number of security features in place to make sure ONLY the students who are participating in your event and their families are able to view your video. These measures include private links, video passwords, and a required log-in that allows us to cross-reference your approved-viewers list. Additionally, the video will not be shareable to social media or other video hosting websites.

Can we still order on DVD or BLU-RAY?

Yes! At least for now. Discs are slowly disappearing as the entire video industry moves digital. We will continue producing hard disc media as an add-on to our digital services as long as the discs are available from our suppliers and as long it continues making business sense to do so.

DVDs & Blu-ray discs of any event will be created and shipped after the digital video has been delivered. Due to the high volume of shows at the end of the school year, DVDs & Blu-rays discs ordered from June events may take up to 8 weeks to be shipped.

How Do I Pay?

how will the pricing be different with digital?

With DVDs, only the people who purchased a DVD ended up with a DVD. Now with digital, all barriers are lifted and everyone participating in your event has full, unlimited access to the video. Pricing, therefore, is based on the size of your group. Most smaller groups with fewer participants won't notice much of a price change from what they're used to paying for DVD. Most larger groups will notice - now with everyone factored in - that the pricing is actually LESS (sometimes much less) per participant than they had been paying for DVD!

Submit your event info here to get your NEW digital pricing.  


When you book your event, our staff emails you an invoice that can be paid electronically over several months. Full payment is due within 1 month prior to your event. This gives us our team time to set-up the back-end processes necessary to fulfill the digital delivery for your event.


Yes! Just ask for details during booking.

all of this sounds great... but Can we just keep the pricing & terms we had before? And if someone wants a digital copy, they can just tack it on to their order? 

We're so glad you asked! We know change is hard :)  But alas, DVD and disc media have had their day. Upgrading to a digital delivery system is a huge step forward. It's one of those all-or-nothing endeavors that only works if everyone is included. And when everyone is all-in, we're able to go all-in, too, investing in the full-circle, digital services your participants are going to love! Digital video on-demand, live webcast during your show, and near-instant show previews afterwards. Plus, marketing clips you can use to expand your influence long after your event is over.

Faster, better, sharper video for all!