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Booking an Event

Placing My Order

Receiving My Order

Playing My Video

Booking an Event

How do I get more details about having you guys video my event?

Thank you for considering us for your event! Please fill out our “Video Request” form and we’ll be in touch soon.

I have a pretty small group. Is videography even affordable for my event?

Let’s find out! The great thing about our pricing is – it’s very customizable. Groups as large as 800 participants and as small as 15 participants have used us for their shows. Please fill out our “Video Request” form, and we’ll follow up with more information and pricing options for your group.

Placing My Order

Can I still purchase a video from last school year…. or from 15 years ago? 

Yes! We have every event we’ve ever shot available on DVD… and many events after 2009 are also available on Blu-ray disc. Search our Shop to find your event. You can browse by group name (who hosted the event) or event date. PLEASE NOTE: If you can’t find your event, please just contact us. Some groups choose NOT to have their event publicly listed online.

I’m having trouble, or I just don’t prefer to order online. Is there any other way to purchase my video? 

Yes, you can always give us a call at 512-436-8469 and place your order over the phone. Also, most groups hand out a Video Order Form prior to/at their event. You can mail in the form with your payment or turn it in at the Video sales table at your event.

Should I order DVD or Blu-ray disc? 

If having the sharpest picture quality is your top priority, we recommend Blu-ray disc, if it’s available of your event. If disc player compatibility is your top priority, we recommend DVD.

All of our current events are shot in high-definition, so Blu-ray discs offer the full quality of the original footage – up to 6 times sharper image and richer color than compressed standard-definition footage, which is what appears on DVD. The downside of Blu-rays is they will NOT play in all disc video players. Learn more here. 

Can I purchase digital files of my event? 

Some events are delivered as digital video files, instead of delivered on discs only. Since digital files are already included for all event participants when the event host has specifically chosen this delivery format at the time of booking, there is no need for individual parents and participants to separately purchase digital files directly from SharpShooters Video. Digital video files are NOT available for purchase - or otherwise - if the event host did not choose digital delivery at the time of booking. Please contact us for more information. 

Receiving My Order

I’m excited to get my video! When can I expect it?

If you’re ordering a PAST event (one that happened more than a month or two ago), your order will likely ship within 1-2 business days**.

If you’re ordering a CURRENT event (one that hasn’t happened yet, or just happened within the last few weeks) video delivery is determined by the terms your group/director/ Booster Club selected upon booking. Most groups choose standard delivery where videos ship within 3 weeks after the event. Some groups opt for a “no-rush delivery”, in which case, your videos will ship several weeks later. If it’s been 2 months or more since your event, and you still haven’t received your video, please contact us.

** PAST and CURRENT events ordered at the same time will ship at the same time, unless you instruct us otherwise upon check-out.


Any video available for purchase through our website will be shipped via first-class USPS directly to the address you provide, unless otherwise noted in the details section on your event product page. For groups who’ve opted out of direct customer shipping, videos will be delivered directly to your group, and they’ll let you know when you can pick-up your order from your school/academy or dance studio.

I live near your office. Can I pick-up my video?

We do not offer pick-ups at our office. Trackable shipping via USPS keeps our delivery system efficient and accountable for the thousands of videos ordered each year. The only pick-ups we offer are for clients who are picking up a bulk order they’ve placed for their entire group and for customers who’ve contracted us to produce a personal project.

I haven’t received my video yet. What should I do?

Please read through questions 1 & 2 above to understand delivery terms. If it’s been 2 months or more since your event, and you still haven’t received your video, please contact us.

I received the wrong video. What should I do?

No worries! No matter if you ordered incorrectly or we shipped incorrectly, we’ll get it taken care of for you. Just contact us.

Playing My Video

My Blu-ray/DVD isn’t playing properly. What can I do?

Bummer! We absolutely want to get you a video you can watch. Follow these steps for a solution:

  1. Please check that your player is compatible with our disc formats. NOTE: X-BOX ONE will not play recordable Blu-rays. Learn more here.

  2. Try your disc in another compatible player.

  3. For Blu-ray, be sure the firmware on your Blu-Ray player is up to date. This usually only takes a few minutes. First, connect your Blu-ray player to the internet, then consult your manual for instructions specific to your player’s brand/model.

  4. If your disc still doesn't work, contact us, and we’ll find a solution for you.