Choosing A Dance Recital Videographer

A Pro’s Guide to picking the best!

We all know the tremendous amount of work that goes into the creation of a dance recital, gala show, or big competition number. And as the date grows near, the signs go up: “Purchase DVDs Here.” Your video is a key component of the performance experience. It’s a retelling that allows for review and future growth, showcases your work, lives in your students’ homes for years, and may even serve as a portfolio piece for college admission.

If you've staged many shows - or seen as many shows as we have in 16 years of shooting live events you know that mistakes happen. No matter how many rehearsals & run-throughs, CDs don't always play smoothly, performers aren't always ready on cue, and things don't always go off without a hitch. That’s why it’s so important to hire a videographer with the experience and tools to not only fix possible mistakes, but to ensure your show looks its best on the final video.

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