Dance Recital Lighting: 5 Tips to Make Your Show Look Its Best

Lighting issues are the #1 concerns we (the videographers) hear from parents about dance shows. And like the parents, we have no control over the lights. We just notice when they enhance or when they hinder how the show is viewed. We've seen it all - the great, the good, and the "oh-my-goodness, the lighting was so BAD for that show!" Here are 5 tips to avoid that last one.

How To Stage A “Flawless” Dance Recital Or Show

If you've staged many shows - or seen as many shows as we have in the 16 years of shooting live events - you know that mistakes happen. No matter how many rehearsals & run-throughs, CDs don't always play smoothly, performers aren't always ready on cue, and things don't always go off without a hitch. The good news is those glitches don't have to be permanent! With SharpShooters Video at your show, our production wizards are trained at wiping out minor (and even major) mistakes to make your finished show video nothing less than the perfectly performed production it was always meant to be!