Regretting Your Last Recital Video?

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Dance recitals are a big deal – so it’s understandable that parents, studios and dancers want a quality filming of the event. Most students, teachers, and audiences enjoy reliving the performance, not only in the weeks and months after the recital dance, but in years to come. A DVD or digital video recording is also important in terms of review and future growth of the studio and students. It may serve as a showcase in a portfolio for a career in dance and stage performance. Some teachers and instructors may use the video as a training tool.

But what happens when you get the final cut of your recital only to be disappointed with the quality? Or maybe it was shot wide angle the whole time, so there are no close-ups. Worse, what happens if the dancer’s feet are cut off!?

If you’ve had similar experiences or were not happy with your last dance recital video, we can help! Here’s 5 reasons to choose SharpShooters Video.

1. We Know Dance Videos

Trust the video company with 16 years’ experience shooting dance events. SharpShooters Video works with more dance studios than any other video company across Texas!

2. We Keep It Sharp

Your show will be shot with all high-definition cameras and can be offered in both DVD and Blu-ray disc... making it look as SHARP as possible.

3.  You’re The Boss

  • Want your show shot with 1 video camera or 3?

  • Want to collect video orders yourself or have us do it?

  • Want videos shipped to the studio or mailed straight to parents?

  • You get to customize everything from shooting style... to price point... to delivery method to choose what works best for YOUR group, whether you have 25 dancers or 800.

4. We’re Fast (Not Furious)

No more frustration at having to wait until the end of summer for your spring recital videos. Orders are shipped within 3-6 weeks after your show in most cases.

5. We Keep It Simple

You can trust that if SharpShooters Video shoots your show, we do whatever we can to make it look & sound as good as possible. Because when your show looks good, you look good. And that's what everyone remembers!

Ready to get started? Click here to get a price quote for your upcoming show or dance recital.