How To Stage A “Flawless” Dance Recital Or Show

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If you've staged many shows - or seen as many shows as we have in the 16 years of shooting live events - you know that mistakes happen. No matter how many rehearsals & run-throughs, CDs don't always play smoothly, performers aren't always ready on cue, and things don't always go off without a hitch. The good news is those glitches don't have to be permanent! With SharpShooters Video at your show, our production wizards are trained at wiping out minor (and even major) mistakes to make your finished show video nothing less than the perfectly performed production it was always meant to be!

Here's how we do it:

1. Mistake? What Mistake?

Over the years, our video editors have seen - and cleaned - all of these mistakes and many more. During one recent production, the actors accidentally skipped an ENTIRE scene. After the show, we suggested they reenact it for our cameras only. Now, everyone watching the video never knows that scene was left out live. We even added in audience applause for good measure!

Here are just a few examples:

Your performers mishear their cue and have to restart.

  • The "false start" is edited OUT of the video.

A dancer injures her knee and falls during the finale number.

  • We cut to a different camera so her injury isn't shown.

A fog machine sets off the fire alarm during a poignant scene.

  • We seamlessly piece together the footage from the scene so viewers never know there was a disruption.

2. Technology Troubles

We've seen so many technology problems play-out during live student events that we're convinced PowerPoint has more stage fright than a 3-year-old ballerina. Add in all the microphone malfunctions and CD player problems, and that's a whole lot of tech woes we've been able to reverse for posterity. At one 2014 show, a power surge damaged the auditorium's sound system right before curtain, and the dancers (much less the audience) could barely hear the music they were dancing to. But "the show must go on!" For the video, our editors synced up every single music track - matching it to the millisecond - so that watching the final video was actually BETTER than seeing the show live.

3. Tighter Transitions

Our editors pay close attention to trim out unintended "dead air" so your show stays awesome... not awkward.

4. And The List Goes On…

If we listed ALL the show problems we've fixed in post-production, you may be too scared to ever stage a show again. But here's just a few more:

  • We've amplified low talkers

  • Fixed flubbed lines

  • Soothed crying babies

  • Corrected emcee errors

  • and even blurred out wardrobe malfunctions.


Why Partner with The Perfectionists?

You can trust that if SharpShooters Video shoots your show, we do whatever we can to make it look & sound as good as possible. Because when your show looks good, you look good. And that's what everyone remembers!

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